If you would like more information, have questions about Meal Plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us. 

Administrative Staff

Debbie Bahr
Email: dining@jmu.edu
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478

150 Bluestone Drive, MSC 0901
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

For departmental and special event meal vouchers, contact Debbie at the phone number above. 


Brent Beringer, Executive Director
Email: beringer-brent@aramark.com
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478

Angie Thompson, Director of Operations
Email: thompson-angie@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478

Daniel Fulk, District Executive Chef
Email: fulk-daniel@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478


Food Service Directors

Matthew Gardner, Food Service Director - D-Hall, Market 64, Qdoba, Steak 'n Shake, Freshens in D-Hall, Chick-fil-A in D-Hall
Email: gardner-matthew@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.3917 Fax: 540.568.3478 

Janet Worley, Food Service Director - Bistro 1908 ft. Food Local, Dunkin' Donuts - Student Success Center, all Starbucks Locations, all Food Trucks
Email: worley-janet@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.4324 Fax: 540.568.4061

Beth Hartman, Food Service Director – Concessions, Corner Bistro, D-Hub Food Court, Chips, Madison Grill, Auntie Anne’s, Subway
Email: hartman-elizabeth@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.3960 Fax: 540.568.3470

Donald Surratt, Food Service Director- E-Hall, Jemmy's, UREC Cafe, Festival, Java City in Festival, EnGeo P.O.D.
Email: surrattjr-donald@aramark.com
Phone: 540.568.4305 Fax: 540.568.4328



Fotini Williams, Director of Catering
Email: williams-fotini@aramark.com 
Phone:540.568.6638 Fax: 540.568.3522

Braden Bean, Associate Catering Director
Email: bean-braden@aramark.com

Matt Acampora, Executive Catering Chef
Email: acampora-matthew@aramark.com


Human Resources

Margaret Arnold
Email: arnold-margaret@aramark.com
Phone:540.568.3103 Fax: 540.568.6238



Kirk Gears, Controller
Email: gears-kirk@aramark.com
Phone: 540.568.4720 Fax: 540.568.4720


Health and Wellness

Hannah Jehring, RDN
Email: jehring-hannah@aramark.com 
Phone:540.568.5731 Fax: 540.568.3478



Nicole Jackson, Marketing Manager
Email: jackson-nicole@aramark.com 
Office:540.568.7980  Fax: 540.568.3478

Emily Cozic, Marketing Coordinator
Email: cozic-emily@aramark.com
Office:540.568.4055  Fax: 540.568.3478



Dolly Lawson, Director of Vending Services
Email: lawson-dolly@aramark.com
Phone: 540.568.6681 Fax: 540.568.3471