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If you would like more information, have questions about Meal Plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us. 

Administrative Staff

Debbie Bahr photo

Debbie Bahr
Email: dining@jmu.edu
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478

150 Bluestone Drive, MSC 0901
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

For departmental and special event meal vouchers, contact Debbie at the phone number above. 



Brent Beringer photo

Brent Beringer, Executive Director
Email: beringer-brent@aramark.com
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478

Angie Thompson photo

Angie Thompson, Director of Operations
Email: thompson-angie@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478

Dan Fulk

Daniel Fulk, District Executive Chef
Email: fulk-daniel@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.6751 Fax: 540.568.3478



Food Service Directors

Matthew Gardner photo

Matthew Gardner, Food Service Director - D-Hall, Market 64, Qdoba, Steak 'n Shake, Freshens in D-Hall, Chick-fil-A in D-Hall
Email: gardner-matthew@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.3917 Fax: 540.568.3478 

Janet Worley photo

Janet Worley, Food Service Director - E-Hall, Jemmy's, Festival Food Court, EnGeo P.O.D., Freshens in UREC, Paul Jennings P.O.D., All Starbucks locations
Email: worley-janet@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.4324 Fax: 540.568.4061

Beth Hartman photo

Beth Hartman, Food Service Director – Concessions, Corner Bistro, JM's (D-Hub) Food Court, Madison Grill, Auntie Anne's, Chips, Subway, Bistro 1908, Dunkin' Donuts- Student Sucess Center
Email: hartman-elizabeth@aramark.com 
Phone: 540.568.3960 Fax: 540.568.3470 




Fotini Williams

Fotini Williams, Director of Catering
Email: williams-fotini@aramark.com 
Phone:540.568.6638 Fax: 540.568.3522

Braden Bean photo

Braden Bean, Associate Catering Director
Email: bean-braden@aramark.com

Matt Acampora photo

Matt Acampora, Executive Catering Chef
Email: acampora-matthew@aramark.com



Health & Wellness

Gillian Kelly headshot

Gillian Kelly
Email:  kelly-gillian@aramark.com
Phone:540.568.5731 Fax: 540.568.6238



Human Resources

Margaret Arnold photo

Margaret Arnold
Email: arnold-margaret@aramark.com
Phone:540.568.3103 Fax: 540.568.6238




Kirk Gears photo

Kirk Gears, Controller
Email: gears-kirk@aramark.com
Phone: 540.568.4720 Fax: 540.568.4720




Nicole Jackson photo

Nicole Jackson, Marketing Manager
Email: jackson-nicole@aramark.com 
Office:540.568.7980  Fax: 540.568.3478

Emily Cozic photo

Emily Cozic, Marketing Coordinator
Email: cozic-emily@aramark.com
Office:540.568.4055  Fax: 540.568.3478




Ben Rosenberger photo

Ben Rosenberger
Email: rosenberger-benjamin@aramark.com
Office: 540.568.6045  Fax: 540.568.3478



Dolly Lawson, Director of Vending Services
Email: lawson-dolly@aramark.com
Phone: 540.568.6681 Fax: 540.568.3471