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Gillian Kelly

Meet our Registered Dietitian, Gillian Kelly:

Gillian is from Scranton, PA and a graduate of Syracuse University. She previously worked as a retail dietitian at a large New Jersey based grocery corporation, and has experience with community nutrition education and chronic disease management. Gillian has an "all foods fit" mentality about health and nutrition and believes food should be a point of enjoyment, not stress, in our lives. In her free time, Gillian enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and being with friends and family! 

Worry-Free Zone

An isolated, locked pantry, located in D-Hall, available to students who are medically required to avoid gluten or have additional severe allergies. The pantry eliminates gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts. To gain access to the pantry to reach out to our registered dietitian, Doctor’s documentation and training on the pantry is required before access is granted. Contact dining@jmu.edu to set-up a training.

Lifestyle Diets

At JMU dining, we believe that good food is essential to a healthy lifestyle. That is why our menus are built with health in mind. Our daily offerings allow you to build a balanced meal around fruit, vegetables, lean meats, grains and low-fat dairy. Look for these icons around campus to help make eating healthy and easy choice.


Eat Well Plant Forward Vegetarian Vegan Whole Grain Local


Eat Well: Designates items with <500 calories (<10% coming from saturated fat), also containing <750 mg of sodium, and at least one whole-food component (whole grains, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, etc.)


Plant Forward: Designates a style of cooking and eating that emphasizes healthy plants at the center of the plate with a proportionally small quantity of animal protein.


Vegetarian: Designates items containing no meat, fish or poultry, but can include dairy, eggs or honey.


Vegan: Designates items containing no animal products of any kind, including dairy, eggs and honey.


Made with Whole Grains: Designates menu items that contain a leading whole grain item in the ingredient list.


Local: Sustainably purchased food and supplies within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Individualized Dining Tour

Tours are lead by the JMU Dining registered dietitian. The dietitian will go through each station pointing out foods to avoid and make recommendation on what to eat to ensure a variety of options. At the tour, the student will be introduced to the chefs and learn how to communicate with JMU Dining staff or the student to get the information needed to make an informed decision on the menu options. Contact us to set-up a tour at dining@jmu.edu. 

Chef-Prepared Meals

We understand our menu offerings are not suitable for every medically-prescribed diet. If the student is not getting a variety of food from the above resources the student can meet with JMU Dining registered dietitian and chef to set-up a schedule of chef-prepared meals. JMU Dining chef will prepares an individualized meal based off what the students medically-prescribed diet. Doctor’s documentation and a meeting with the registered dietitian and chef is required for accommodation. Contact us to set-up a meeting at dining@jmu.edu


FARE College Food Allergy Program

We are proud to participate in the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) College Food Allergy Program. Click here to view the FARE College Search to see accommodations offered at JMU provides to students with food allergies across multiple departments on campus.