All Summer 2018

We are closed from 5/6/2018 through 8/17/2018.

Dining Style: All-You-Care-to-Eat Dining

Door Rate: Breakfast $7.75 + Tax; Brunch $12.00 + Tax; Lunch $12.00 + Tax; Dinner $12.00 + Tax

Effective 7/1/18: Lunch, Brunch and Dinner $12.75

Key Concepts: Tandoori Specialties; Hibachi/Grain Bowls; Stone-Oven Pizza; Custom Pasta; Flame-Grilled Favorites; All-Day Breakfast Sandwich and Waffle Bar; Home-Style Classics; Soups, Sandwiches, and Salads; Allergen Solutions Station; Vegan Station; Housemade Ice Cream and Desserts

Fan Favorites: Sunday Brunch; Chicken Nugget Thursday; Housemade Naan

Fun Fact: E-Hall is a gold-level LEED certified facility. The building’s many features reduce energy consumption by 32.9% and energy cost by 22.2%. Behind the scenes, a comprehensive waste reduction effort ensures the recycling of 100% of fryer oil into Biodiesel or animal feed and oversees the composting of an average of 10 tons of pre- and post-consumer waste a month.

Accepted Here

Meal Punches; Dining Dollars; Dining Dollars GOLD; FLEX; Cash; Credit

Note: From May 6 until August 17, E-Hall and Festival will open only as needed, determined by conferences. To inquire if a location is open, please call 540-568-4306 for E-Hall and 540-568-3378 for Festival.

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